Infrared Camera

Everything You Should Know before buying an Infrared Camera

An infrared camera is a great tool for conducting search-and-rescue operations or for managing surveillance activities. On eBay, you can browse a diverse selection of infrared cameras tailored to match your specific security needs. Understanding their specific features and specifications can assist you in making an informed purchase.

What types of infrared cameras are there?

Infrared cameras are mainly classified into three main types, each with its own maintenance and usage. These cameras are as follows:-

  • Short-wavelength camera: This type of infrared camera offers a high resolution and a spectral range of 0.9-1.7 microns. The high resolution makes the light spectrum visible in its detail and shadow contrast.
  • Mid-wavelength camera: This type offers a spectral range of 2-5 microns and accurate readings. This infrared camera is used on single-ply roofing systems, scanning boiler applications and in extreme high-temperature readings.
  • Long-wavelength camera: With this type of IR camera, you can detect wavelengths on a focal range of 7-12 microns. They provide sharp differences across large and small temperature ranges.
What should you consider before buying an infrared camera?

When shopping for an infrared camera for sale, then you need a device that captures accurate images and offers optimum value in return. Costs aside, you also need to consider the specific features on offer to ensure that they match your individual needs. Here's a breakdown of what you should examine before settling on a specific infrared camera:

  • Accuracy: This guideline assists you in considering an IR camera. This infrared camera also offers emissivity and reflected temperature parameters
  • High image resolution: The more the pixels on your infrared camera on Android software, the sharper the image produced. Before purchasing any IR camera, ensure that it possesses a high detector resolution.
  • Battery-operated: Many infrared cameras possess a rechargeable battery.
  • JPEG format: This feature equips your IR camera to deliver radiometric JPEG images and ensure faster email transmissions.
  • Software upgrade capacity: This feature allows your infrared camera app to analyze images and data collected for swift software updates to achieve optimal performance.
What user-friendly features do infrared cameras offer?
  • High-temperature alarm setting: This feature allows you to identify extreme temperature rises and make urgent response to neutralize the threat.
  • High luminance on the TFT LCD screen: This feature allows access an up-close view of an object based on their thermal data and ascertain their threat level.
  • Full-screen radiometric capability: This feature allows you to obtain temperature readouts from any location within the compound.