Indy 500 Tickets

Find Vintage Indy 500 Tickets on eBay

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the top racing events of the year. Held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it sees some of the biggest names hit the track. You can get collectible tickets for races you attended or loved on eBay. 

What should you look for in vintage tickets? 

Used and vintage Indy 500 tickets are available from some of the biggest races over the years. Before buying your collectible tickets, you should consider things such as:  

  • Used versus unused: Unused tickets are generally worth more than used tickets. They have the stub still attached to the ticket itself. Used products may only have half the ticket.
  • Year: You may want to consider the date and year of the ticket, especially if buying those connected to a specific race. Bundle sets may include tickets from multiple races over several years.
  • Condition: Condition is important if you buy tickets for your collection. You generally want to look for those tickets that are clean and do not have any rough or torn edges.

How is a highly graded ticket significant? 

A graded ticket is one that underwent the professional grading process. The grader will assign a score based on a number between one and 10. A grade of six or seven means that the ticket is in average condition. The higher grades mean that the ticket is either near mint or mint. 

What should you see on the ticket? 

Indy 500 tickets changed significantly over the years, but most of these tickets will share a few things. You'll see the date of the race on the front along with the start time and the year. Most tickets also feature either an image of the track or one of the top racers of the era. 

What can you find along with race tickets? 

Whether you look for vintage or Indy 500 tickets 2019 packages, you can get more than just the ticket. You can buy passes for qualifying, which is when the racers take a run around the track prior to the race. Their speeds determine their placement in the pack when they start the race. You can also get pit passes that give you access to pit road. Those tickets allow you to see the pit crews and racers preparing in advance. You may find some professional qualification passes or credentials, too. Those come from journalists and other professionals who had access to different parts of the track.