Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Industrial Robotic Arms

When the work is too arduous or repetitive for humans, it's time to bring in the robots. Industrial robotic arms have several useful functions in workshops and factories. They can remove waste materials, weld parts together, and handle hot objects.

How should you choose your industrial robotic arm?

The capabilities of the industrial robotic arm should match the tasks it will be used for, so make sure to consider how you intend to use your new industrial robotic arm before you set out to buy one. Here are some features that you should look out for when choosing your robotic arm on eBay:

  • Reach - If the robotic arm will need to grab objects from long distances, its gears should give it a reach of at least 6 to 7 feet.
  • Speed - There's a difference between mass production and artistry. Robotic arms that will be used in mass production factories must be able to operate at high speeds.
  • Precision - Not all robotic arms are the same. Some robotic arms are modeled after human reflexes and can intelligently grip and mold materials. Others operate on a more basic level.
The different types of industrial robotic arms

It's not enough to decide that you want an industrial robotic arm. You'll need to decide which robotic arm is right for you and your business. A Staubli robot is associated with Staubli robotics careers, the Staubli robotics studio, and Staubli robot training. Brands like the Staubli Corporation have created a sub-industry dedicated just to robots. Integrating a robotic arm into your workplace takes time and training. Even if you don't want to invest in a Staubli robotics studio download, there are other options to choose from:

  • Cartesian robotic arms - Cartesian robotic arms are quite basic. Although they have three joints, their rotational wrist capacity can be limited.
  • Programmable Robotic Arm - Programmable robotic arms can be linked to software instructing them how to execute their tasks.
  • Articulated robotic arms - Articulated arms have up to 10 joints, so they're extremely precise.
Which industrial robotic arm parts are available on eBay?

Find all of the top robotic arm brands on eBay. Choose from Staubli (also known as Stäubli), RMI Novi, Motoman, and KUKA. There are tracked vehicles, robotic clampers, assembly claws, and grippers. Make your selection from new and previously owned robotic arms.