Industrial Over 100,000 Watt Generators

200kW Generators for Maximum Output

If you run an industrial plant, then you should be prepared for a power outage. An industrial generator makes sure your equipment continues to run in the event of a failure on the grid system. Read on to find out what to consider when choosing an affordable 200kW industrial generator from eBay.

How to determine your power generation needs

There are a variety of brands on the market to choose from, such as 200kW CAT generators. However, some buyers make the mistake of buying the wrong-size generator. When this happens, the following things can occur:

  • Risk damaging your generator
  • Damage to other equipment connected to it
  • Creation of hazardous conditions
  • Limiting overall productivity of the unit

You should first determine your power generation needs to help you make a more informed buying decision. Do this by writing out a list of the equipment that will be using the generator. Next, you will need to make note of the starting and running wattage of the equipment. Finally, you will need to calculate the complete power requirements in kilowatts or kilovolt-ampere. The total you get is the minimum amount of power that youll need in a generator. Getting a generator that generates move than 100,000 watts should provide you with more than enough power in any scenario.

Which size industrial generator should you choose?

The size of new and used industrial generators available on eBay can range from 20kW to 2,500kW. Knowing how to find the starting and running wattage cam help with determining size. This information is also important for calculating your power needs. Starting and running wattage is usually found on the identification plate of the equipment. If the information is not on the identification plate, then you should look in the owner’s manual for the equipment.

Ampere is a common calculation used for power requirements of tools. To convert ampere to watts, you must use wattage = amperes x volts for resistive loads and wattage = (amperes x volts) x load factor for reactive loads. You can prevent power failures by choosing the right size.

Types of generator engines

The engine size for generators can range from 150HP to 4,000HP. The type of engine is important because you want to get maximum usage when carrying out your jobs. Generators come in three-phase and one-phase power generation. However, many industrial applications require three-phase power generation.

Regardless of whether you buy a new or used 200kW generator, youll also need to consider what type of fuel the engine will require. Industrial generators engines run off of diesel, natural gas, petroleum, or heavy fuel oil.