Get the Job Done With Industrial-Strength Tape

Whether it’s repairing wires or sealing a hole, you’ll need a strong adhesive that cures fast. That’s why you should keep rolls of industrial-strength tape in your toolbox. Continue reading to find out which tape to choose for your projects.

Finding the right industrial-strength tape for your application

If you choose the right tape to perform repairs, chances are you won’t have to fix the issue again, so it’s important to apply a strong adhesive that forms a secure bond to the material you’re applying it to. From duct tape to electrical tape, keep these industrial-strength tapes on hand to tackle repairs. The following are some of the different types of industrial-strength tape available:

  • Double-sided – Adhesive coating on each side secures paper, posters, and paintings to another surface.
  • Duct tape – This all-purpose tape tears easily and has a strong adhesive for multiple applications.
  • Electrical – Also known as vinyl repair tape, this adhesive forms a tight seal to protect wires and mark them for easy identification.
  • Rip-stop – This uses pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it ideal for repairing fabrics without sewing.
  • Tenacious tape – This is a weatherproof tape designed to repair holes, gaps, and rips on outdoor gear.
What to look for when buying industrial-strength tape

There are three major points to consider for tape applications:

  • Colors – Some brands make tapes in almost any color you can imagine. Choose a color that matches the item you’re repairing to keep it looking new.
  • Layers – Quality rolls consist of a weather-resistant outer layer, a tough-fiber middle layer, and a strong adhesive bottom layer.
  • Flexibility – Tape should be flexible to conform to the shape of the object.
Which brands make industrial-strength tape?

When searching for industrial-strength tape, you’ll find many brands to choose from, but if you want high-quality tape, opt for one of the major brands:

  • 3M – Perhaps one of the most recognizable brands, 3M offers a large selection of adhesives in a variety of shades and patterns. Reportedly, the tapes remove easily without leaving any residue behind, if removed.
  • Gear Aid – Makers of the Tenacious tape, this brand makes rip-stop nylon repair tape for tents as well as kite repair tape rip-stop. Gear Aid Tenacious tape delivers exceptional performance and results. The rip-stop repair tape black comes in handy for mending nylon, canvas, fleece, rubber, vinyl, and plastic.
  • Kenyon – This company manufactures products for outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, and first responders. The line includes Kenyon rip-stop repair tape. The Kenyon K rip-stop repair tape stands up to the weather and frequent washing.
  • Gorilla – With a Gorilla as its mascot, this brand has one of the strongest adhesives and fabric layers to handle almost any project.
  • Shurtape – This brand offers a full line of pressure-sensitive tapes, including fabric repair tape and coated fiber tape.