If you want to get your Indian motorcycle out of the garage and back on the streets, you'll need to find the right parts to get it running. This eBay Motors collection contains Indian motorcycles, such as the Indian Chief, and it also has various components that you might need to repair or customize your Indian motorcycle, such as brakes, engines, and seats. Check out this basic guide to Indian products.

What Indian motorcycles are there?

While this company makes many different models of bikes, here's some background on two Indian motorcycles:

  • Scout: The Scout is a lightweight motorcycle that has impressive handling. This model has received widespread critical acclaim.
  • Chief: The Chief is Indian's flagship motorcycle model, and it features a somewhat larger engine than the Scout.
What Indian motorcycle components are there?

Here are some examples of the types of replacement parts and accessories that you can find for your Indian motorcycle.

  • Air intakes: The air intake in your motorcycle ensures that your bike's engine receives enough air to operate correctly.
  • Brakes: If your Indian motorcycle is old enough, it might still have asbestos brakes, which you should replace immediately. You can also replace the brakes in your bike if they wear down.
  • Exhausts: It's possible to replace just the exhaust pipe or the entire exhaust system of your motorcycle if necessary.
  • Engines: You can replace the entire engine of your Indian motorcycle if it is beyond repair.
  • Dash instruments: The instruments on the dash of your Indian motorcycle inform you about important functions, like how much gas you have left and how fast you're going, and you can replace these components if they no longer accurately perform their intended functions.
  • Seats: Whether the current seat on your Indian motorcycle is worn or torn or you simply want a cushier ride, there are quite a few different types of seats to pick from.
What Indian ATV parts are there?

In addition to motorcycles, Indian also makes all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Here are some examples of the types of components that you can find for your Indian ATV:

  • Covers: You can use one of these covers to protect your ATV from environmental damage when it isn't in use.
  • Saddlebag mounts: If you want to add saddlebags to your ATV, you'll need to install two or four saddlebag mounts.
  • Saddlebags: You can use these components to carry the supplies you need while you're on the road. They come in various different colors.
  • Seats: Over time, the seat on your ATV can wear out, and you also might want to pick a new seat that better matches your ATV's color scheme.