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About Indian Head Pennies

Though Lincoln now graces the American penny, there have been several other incarnations of the cent, the best known being the Indian head penny. The longest running version other than the Lincoln cent, its introduction in 1859 replaced a penny the size of the modern half dollar. The thickness of this small coin was even decreased to its contemporary size due to hoarding during the Civil War. At this time, in which a typical worker might make ten cents an hour and the five-cent coin hadn't yet been created, the Indian head penny was actually referred to as a nickel. Whatever coin you seek to celebrate this period in history, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Net a scarce 1909 Indian head penny to commemorate the last year these pieces of numismatic art were minted and only one of two in which any were made in San Francisco. Perhaps, instead, pick up an 1861-penny to remember the tragic splitting of the states. A collection of small change evokes the country's rich past.