Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches

You can make your next construction or repair job easier with the help of a sturdy impact wrench. These power tools quickly and easily fasten or unfasten stubborn nuts, bolts, and other kinds of fasteners. Whether you need help in the house, in the garage, or on the job, these tools transform hard jobs into simple tasks.

What are the basic kinds of impact wrenches?

There are three basic ways to drive impact wrenches: cordless, corded, and air-powered or pneumatic. Cordless wrenches are the most portable. Corded electric wrenches offer more power and torque but less portability due to the cord. Air-powered wrenches offer the most power and torque, and they usually require industrial-strength air supplies.

Are there differences between impact drivers and impact wrenches?

Yes. Impact drivers work for light-duty tasks that include driving bolts, screws, and similar types of fasteners. They are often used if hand-held/cordless screwdrivers prove too weak for the job at hand. Impact wrenches, on the other hand, are generally used for heavy-duty tasks that require high levels of torque.

What safety measures are necessary when working with impact wrenches?

Since these wrenches generate and release high levels of energy, you should follow certain precautions whenever working with them. By being prepared, you'll be safe while using your wrenches. Be sure to remember the following:

  • Air-powered wrenches can create sound levels that exceed 100dB. Therefore, you should use hearing protection devices rated for these levels.
  • Impact wrenches create high levels of rotary energy, also known as torque. To ensure safety, you should secure loose hair, jewelry, clothing, or anything else that may become tangled with your wrench.
  • You should ensure that your air-compressor is creating enough torque to safely run your wrench. Not doing so can result in damage to the wrench, the machinery, or your body.
  • These impact tools create very high forces at the point of contact. Therefore, you should only use wrench-sockets designed for use with your specific wrench model.
  • These power wrenches create significant vibrational and mechanical forces. To keep your hands safe, use proper gloves and pace yourself.
What is the difference between brushless and brushed impact wrenches?

Brushless wrenches lack friction-producing brushes within the motor. Since there is no friction between brushes and motor, wear and tear decreases. In addition, brushless motors handle varying loads more efficiently and lose less energy than brushed motors.

What accessories can you use with these impact power tools?

Impact wrenches are useful in a variety of settings, but often require specialized bits to do their work. These items include:

  • Spade bits
  • Nutsetters
  • Impact-ready sockets
  • Hex shank bits