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Get on the Radio With an Icom Transceiver

eBay hosts listings for all kinds of new and used Icom transceivers that will get you on the radio with a strong signal. Icom transceivers are made for many applications including boating and aviation. You can find a selection of large and small Icom transceivers that work with most ham bands across high and low frequencies on eBay.

Are Icom transcievers suitable for different skill levels?

Yes. Icom makes several models that are suitable for an amateur. A good amateur outfit covers the basic bandwidths and a few high frequencies as well as a few low frequencies. It has a few bells and whistles and a good introductory price point. Good amateur outfits are basically an all-in-one unit so that you don't have to attach too many accessories. These are often compact and more mobile than a larger unit would be. A few amateur Icom transceivers are made so that even a new user can use moonbounce, satellite, or Radio Teletype (also known as RTTY). Some of the available Icom transceivers suitable for amateurs are described here:

  • The IC-9100: This is a compact, all-in-one model that includes High-Frequency (HF), Very High-Frequency (VHF), and Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) equipment.
  • The IC-17: This is a High-Frequency model that has noise reduction and microphone compression. It also has Digital Signal Processing.
  • The ID-5100A: This is a mobile unit that has a touchscreen and a built-in GPS.
  • The ID-31A Plus: This is a rugged handheld Icom transceiver that has a GPS and features D-STAR, or Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio.
  • THe IC-7100: This model has a touch-screen interface and D-STAR capability.
What models of handheld Icom transceivers are there?

Icom makes several handheld options. Four of the common models are:

  • The ID-31A Plus: This is a compact model at only 8 ounces. See manufacturer site for details.
  • ID-51A Plus2: This model has a waterproof rating of IPX7 and a GPS.
  • The IC-T70A HD: This model has 700mW loud audio and has 302 memory channels.
  • The V80: This is an FM model with a waterproof rating of IP54 and 207 channels.
What is a transceiver?

A transceiver is any device that both transmits and receives broadcasts over the radio waves. Some common types of transceivers are ham radios. These are both stationary and mobile units, such as the radios in delivery trucks. They can be handheld or much larger with huge antennas, giving them a large broadcast range and more frequency options. Some other types of transceivers are Icom transceivers for boats and airplanes. These along with some of the handheld units are more rugged with tougher batteries and waterproofing features.

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