Ice Machines

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Ice Machines

Many people prefer to have ice in their drinks, and there's no doubt that ice can instantly provide you with additional refreshment on hot summer days. Owning an ice machine can not only make it so that you can enjoy chilled drinks at home, but they can also turn into a money-making machines during the summer months. Find new and used ice machines at various price points on eBay.

What kinds of ice-making machines are there?

There are two types of ice-making machines: the Manitowoc ice machine, and the shaved ice machine. Each one has different benefits and functions. Although both are great options to have at home, depending on your environment and personal preferences, one might suit your needs better than the other.

Manitowoc ice machines

The technology of the Manitowoc ice machine allows users to put the fan of the machine outside the building. This helps reduce the amount of noise and extra heat that goes into the kitchen and dining area. This type of machine is ideal for big businesses such as stores, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. It typically holds 1320 pounds of ice, and it also produces large amounts of ice in a short period of time. A few brands that sell this type of ice machine include the following:

  • Katom: This brand offers a variety of kitchen products, among them Manitowoc ice machines.
  • Manitowoc Ice: This was the first brand in America to ever sell ice machines.
  • Manitowocice: This brand won first place in the FE&S Magazine for its ice production capabilities.
Shaved ice machines

Shaved ice machines come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for parties and restaurants. Ice machines that can create shaved or crushed ice are great accessories to have in both your commercial and personal kitchens. The ice that this machine creates is soft, fluffy, and snowy. It is perfect for making snow cones and slushy drinks. Brands that sell shaved ice machines include the following:

  • Great Northern Popcorn- This company has been around since the early '90s. It sells food equipment for parties, carnivals, and festivals. It also sells a variety of products such as hot dog rollers, snow corn, concession supplies and equipment, candy flavoring, and of course ice machines.
  • Zen Style- This company was founded in 2014, and it used to only sell hammocks and tents, but in order to expand its business, it started selling products in categories such as fitness and health, home goods, kitchen, and more. Among its new inventory are shaved ice machines.