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The Clear Difference in Ibanez Guitars

Electricity gives a guitar its substance for volume and effects. Bargain Ibanez guitars give you the deal of plugging in — right this moment. The right tone and feel for you can be found across Ibanez's expansive selection of models and signature sounds.

Which settings are there for Ibanez guitars?

Every guitar differs slightly, yet the general toggles include tone, volume, and power knobs. Each setting directly controls the guitar without altering the settings on your amplifier. Tone knobs activate different pickups to adjust your sound with. This is especially true if your choice Ibanez guitar has humbuckers with single-coils.

Tone and direct adjustments

Tone knobs alter between deep, bass textures and light, airy sounds. Most volume knobs manage the power output while some allow for special effects. Convenience is a central theme of Ibanez guitars; you can find your vast options and settings near your hand when strumming. The adjustments you make are based on the effects you want.

Ibanez guitars keep their tone

An Ibanez guitar utilizes the brand’s engineering for tone and integrity. Here are a few pieces that go to work:

  • Ibanez pickups: Single-coil pickups rely on a clump of wires for a thin, crisp sound. Also listed are humbuckers, and these have a solid construction to create warm, soft tones from an Ibanez strum.
  • Compact and sleek: A light, compact design is central to electric Ibanez guitars. They are condensed where possible for sustain and tone. The guitar’s body keeps sound pristine as amplifiers show off your settings.
  • Sealed woods: Cut, wooden bodies are sealed for tone and visual expression. The initial grain you purchase is set into the way a guitar was cured and cut. Seals and finishes give each guitar active tones and a protective layer.
  • Star-models: There’s no shortage of options for and by top artists. These guitars include names like Paul Gilbert, Mick Thomson, Les Paul, or Paul Stanley.
  • No-slip tuning knobs: Some options have locked tuners to hold your tuning in place. This improves how well your tuning stays in the scales you set.
Are special power cables required for these guitars?

No matter where the venue is, new and lightly used Ibanez guitars plug into universal inputs. Electric models use active power and inputs charged by common outlets.

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