Hunting & Tactical Clothing

Hunting & Tactical Clothing

Hunting and tactical clothing are specialty shirts, pants, shorts, and other garments designed specifically to meet the unique environmental and situational needs of people who engage in hunting, fishing, wildlife photography, wildlife rescue, hiking, industrial, law enforcement, emergency responder, military, and various other occupations. Because outdoor conditions vary from season to season and from day to day, there are several options available. Additionally, different options also exist to accommodate specific activities.

How do you choose the right tactical apparel?

  • Consider your environment. Think about the terrain and ground conditions of the place you will be active. If there will be a lot of mud or standing water, you will want to protect your feet to make sure they stay dry. If you will be navigating through dense foliage, you may want to consider full coverage shirts and pants to protect your skin from brambles, poisonous plants, and pests. Camouflage prints come in a wide variety of options, so be mindful of the environment into which you are trying to blend so that you can choose fabric that will best match.
  • Consider your activity. Your need to be able to see, move, protect your body, and carry equipment will vary depending on what you intend to do. Some tactical gear is incredibly streamlined and minimal whereas some has pockets for storing a vast amount of items in different shapes and sizes. Make a list of everything you need to have on hand and think about how important it is to you that you be able to get to it soundlessly. Some closure systems, like velcro, may make noise, and some may be more difficult to access on the go. If your activity requires you to be seen, you will want to opt for safety orange gear, but some activities require that you stay hidden, which means choosing camouflage. Different fabrics, when they rub together, can be noisy or crinkle when you move about in them, as well, and some garments will hold scent more than others.
  • Consider the weather. Dress for the weather, whether it be rainy, cold, dry, sunny, or warm. Choose shirts, pants, shorts, and footwear that will keep you comfortable while you are out and busy in the elements and keep in mind that you will likely be outside for an extended period of time.

What is a MOLLE attachment system?

Pronounced like the name "Molly", MOLLE stands for "Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment". This system has become the new standard for military tactical apparel and backpacks. It uses webbing, clips, and velcro in combination with heavy-duty nylon to provide a system of moveable pouches that may be arranged on the wearer or backpack to accommodate their specific needs. These pouches are both securely attached and easy to access with various attachment points available to allow for loads to be more ergonomically distributed.

What is 5.11 tactical?

5.11 Tactical is a company that makes tactical clothing, accessories, and even some tools for men and women. They make tactical apparel specifically for law enforcement, military, firefighters, and emergency responders as well as providing high-end products for hunters, industrial professionals, and anyone else needing quality tactical gear.