Hunting Scope Mounts & Accessories

Just as there’s more than one way to hunt, there’s also more than one way to mount a rifle scope. With these rifle scope add-ons, you can brighten up your aiming reticle with a laser sight, make sure you’re always on target with a bubble level, or even add bases and Picatinny rails to every side of your handguard for more accessories in addition to your rifle scope.

What types of accessories are available for rifle scopes?

While most gun owners stick their rifle scopes right on their top-rail, there are handguards that can admit up to four different scope mounts. With a base and rail for each side of your barrel, the options are limitless in terms of what optics equipment and other rifle scope components, like scope rings, that you can add. From upgraded Picatinny scope mounts to advanced rings, the tactical accessories are endless.

  • Quad-rail hand guards offer mounting for up to 4 accessory platforms.
  • Rifle scope bubble levels provide the guidance for a perfectly level shot.
  • Advanced optics with green or red laser sights paint your target hundreds of yards away; other light colors are available if you're red-green color blind.
  • Tactical Picatinny scope bases let you add additional accessories.
  • Aluminum rings are another method for installing rifle scopes.
How do you identify the right rings for your rifle scope?

Different scopes with different reticles will need different types of rings. Check your reticle optics; if you have a reflex or red dot sight, you won’t need rings. If your reticle shows a mil-dot, crosshairs, or another reticle type, you have a heavy duty rifle scope in need of rings. The reticle is the key: squint down your scope and find out what materials you may need. While scope rings vary in size, most are made of aluminum, and the two most popular sizes are 1 inch and 1.2 inches.

How do you install a scope mount?

First, determine what type of scope you have and what size of rings it will admit. Then, find the spot along the top of your rifle that’s ideal for mounting the base for your scope mount. Next, follow instructions to install the base, which is the part that your Picatinny rail will attach to. Simply attach the rail to the base and you’re ready to start mounting rifle scope components like scope rings, scope mounts, or laser sights for advanced optics.

What's are the benefits of quad rail handguards?

To use accessories like a two-point carrying sling or a tactical laser sight, you’ll need to install standard Picatinny mounting rails not only on the top of your rifle but on the bottom and sides as well. A quad-rail handguard features mounts on the top, bottom, right side, and left side of your rifle which allows you to add accessories in four locations. These handguards and their attachments offer:

  • Enhanced tactical advantage
  • Enables installation of multiple accessories
  • Increases versatility and situational readiness
  • Simple to install and use