Get Your Sight on a Hunting Range Finder

To make sure you know what you're aiming at on your next hunt, consider getting a hunting laser range finder. Range finders give you an accurate reading on distance to your target, and they let you get an up-close view of an animal. You can shop for used and new range finders for hunting on eBay.

First-priority vs. second-priority range finders

On your search for eBay range finders, you may run into the terms "first priority" and "second priority." A first-priority range finder would consider your target to be the first object it sees. This is fine if you're in an open field looking for deer. If you are in a wooded area or if you predict that there will be obstacles between you and your target, consider getting a second-priority range finder. These will read the most distant object as opposed to a tree branch that's closer to you. Cheap range finders will likely be exclusively either first priority or second priority whereas advanced ones may be able to switch between the two. Sometimes, this ability is indicated by the product having a button labeled "pinpoint" or "bullseye."

What features are important in a valuable range finder?

Two major factors regarding the effectiveness of a range finder are:

  • Range: Range refers to how far a laser range finder can read. Many devices on eBay have ranges of around 500 or 600 yards. This can be enough for some hunters, but others may want to be able to scope out distances of 1000 yards or even more. The good news is that there are long-range units available on eBay, but they may be more expensive than their counterparts.
  • Magnification: While you look down range, you'll want to see things clearly with your own eyes. Having magnification is key. Many products have between 4x and 6x magnification. Higher magnification is sometimes desired by people who want a good view of where they're aiming or want their range finder to take the place of binoculars.

Also consider the reticle that you see through the range finder. There could be black reticles that do well in the daylight or LED reticles that can be easily seen in low-light conditions. Some LED reticles can be adjusted in terms of brightness.

Who makes affordable laser range finders for hunting?

Some of the companies that manufacture new hunting range finders include:

  • Halo
  • Simmons
  • Bushnell
  • Vortex
  • Nikon

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