Hunting Equipment Wholesale Lots

Hunting Equipment Wholesale Lots

Purchasing your hunting equipment wholesale is a way to grab a lot of supplies that can serve you in more than one category. With wholesale lots, you can stock up on hunting and fishing equipment for your next several trips or outings. Knowing what lots are available to view and the kinds of supplies they include can help you make the buying choices that suit your needs.

What hunting equipment can you buy?

There are several types of hunting equipment categories from which you can choose. Some items may be useful when hunting specific animals, while others may serve a more general purpose. You can view some common hunting supplies below.

  • Deer calls and other animal calls for attracting animals
  • Various knives for cutting, slicing, and piercing tasks when outdoors
  • Sheaths for small firearms and parts and accessories for larger firearms such as hunting rifles such as stocks, extension knobs, and grips
  • Portable lights, such as flashlights, for illuminating dim areas
  • Multi-tools for a variety of everyday outdoor chores
  • Binoculars to view objects in the distance
What are some common multi-tool features?

A multi-tool is one way you can carry several small tools with you at once. These tools are kept folded together within the housing of the unit until you are ready to use one. Although the specific tools for each one can vary by model or brand, most of them will contain several common items that may be of use to you in an outdoor setting.

  • Stainless steel pliers
  • Various small blades such as knives and saws
  • Phillips head, flat head, and other screw heads and bits
  • Tweezers for the removal of small items
What fishing supplies can you buy wholesale?

Here are some of the products available in the fishing category.

  • A cooler can store any fish you catch until you are ready to transport them. These are available in various colors and sizes up to 120 quarts.
  • Knives made for scaling fish may help you if you plan to prepare your catches.
  • You can purchase portable seats that you can set up once you get to your campsite.
  • You may wish to wear waders or long pants if you plan to venture into the water during any expeditions. Waders are available wholesale in camo or various solid colors.
What rifle hardware is available?

If you need some backup hardware for your rifle, some wholesale supplies are listed below.

  • Adjustable cheek plates
  • Cases for transporting your rifles
  • Butt stocks and stock extenders
  • Mounting hardware for various peripheral accessories
  • Targets and silhouettes for practice