Hunting Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Hunting Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Hunting is a tradition that dates back to before the United States was a country, and has strong roots to this day. Heading out into the wilderness for one or more days at a time to get a game animal for food or trophy is widely practiced throughout the US. Whether it is the hot, arid conditions associated with the southwest or the freezing, snow-filled terrain of the northeast, having clothes, shoes, and accessories designed for the climate you're hunting in will help keep you protected from the harsh elements.

What clothing choices are appropriate for hunting?

There are some basics to know when it comes to hunting clothes. Everything including a shirt, jacket, men’s pant, and hoodie is often designed to reduce your chances of being detected by wildlife. They also help ensure you are visible to other hunters and help keep you comfortable while out in the elements. Here are a few guidelines to help prepare you for the hunt:

  • Camouflage: Camouflage, or camo, patterns help to keep game from spotting you. Camo patterns break up solid shapes to allow you to blend in with other surroundings. These items may have some bright orange or red accents, colors that are hard for animals to see but easy for people to see. This helps to keep you visible to your hunting partners.
  • Wet and cold: Hunting clothes are available in many levels of warmth to allow you to dress appropriately for what the weather forecast is predicting. Many items are made of polypropylene to wick away or repel sweat, rain, or other moisture. Wet and cold conditions will require such gear, including a heavy jacket, pants, a men's hoodie, and maybe long johns. In warmer conditions, a men's shirt and shorts may suffice.
  • Scent suppression: One of the easiest ways for an animal to detect you while hunting is your scent. To combat this, there are jackets, shirts, and other clothes designed to keep your scent from emanating outward. The material does not breathe very much, however, so be careful to not overdress in temperate conditions.
What clothing materials are appropriate for hunting?

Different materials provide different levels of protection from the elements. For instance, if you are in a high-temperature area, a camo cotton shirt will work to keep you cool. Wetting a piece of cotton and placing it on your skin will have a cooling effect on your internal temperature. If you’re in a snowy forest, some wool camo men's gear will help keep you warm while hunting. Wool absorbs moisture, but it keeps that wetness warm which in turn keeps you warm. Polypropylene is designed for climates that are chilly, but not frigid. It wicks moisture away from the body.