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Hubcaps Keep Your Volkswagen Jetta Looking New

Hubcaps for the Volkswagen Jetta are compatible with several different models of the sedan. The products available on eBay contain different designs, logos, and trims. Color accents vary between the items as well, creating several different looks.

Which model of the Volkswagen Jetta works with these products?

These hubcaps are not made with a specific Jetta model in mind. They are able to work with a variety of VW models ranging from those with turbocharged engines to the SEL compact sedan. To ensure hubcap compatibility, you should instead look at the type of wheels their Jetta features. Hubcaps vary in size, so you need to check the size of the wheels on your specific vehicle. You can find the size of a wheel on the actual tire itself. A tape measure or manual measurement method should not be used to determine wheel size. In addition, you should check to see if you have bolted or unbolted hubcaps when purchasing a product.

What are some of the differences in aesthetics between products?

Each of the different hubcaps contains a different exterior design. Select products may contain the VW logo in their center, while others may not. In addition, the different products may contain a different number of lugs and rungs connecting the center portion of the hubcap to the outer portion. Aesthetic design does not correlate to performance or compatibility of the hubcap with different car models. In addition, different colors are also available. Some of the hubcaps come in multiple colors or accented designs. Color gradients are used as well to create a non-uniform appearance. Solid-colored designs are used in some of the products. Some of the different colors that are used include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
How do you attach hubcaps to your vehicle?

You can snap these hubcaps directly onto the car in most cases. In some instances, depending on the wheel type, they may need to be bolted into the wheel. Prior to an installation attempt, you should familiarize yourself with your wheels to ensure proper installation. Improper installation of the hubcap can result in damage to the wheel or the hubcap.

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