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How to Choose Hyundai Elantra Hubcaps 

Over time, hubcaps can fall off, wear out, or become damaged whether you blow out a tire or have a fender-bender; however, replacing hubcaps isn't difficult, and after you select the proper parts for your vehicle, your Hyundai Elantra will be back to its old self in no time with brand-new wheel covers to boot.

What Are Some Hubcap Styles?

Hubcaps serve more than one purpose on your vehicle. Though they are wheel covers that can protect your tire components, they're also there for aesthetic purposes. Changing your hubcaps can alter the way your Hyundai Elantra looks, and it's one way to give your car a personalized, custom look and feel. There are numerous hubcap styles from which to choose as well.

  • Double-spoke hubcaps feature five spokes, but each spoke has two parts, giving it a sunburst look. 
  • Slotted hubcaps are solid metal but have small cut-outs that form a circle. The hubcap looks almost like it's made of flames, giving it a distinct and eye-catching look. 
  • Sport-style hubcaps for wheels have multiple spokes and are typically painted black to give your car an elegant, sophisticated look. 

What Are Hubcaps Made Of?

Replacement hubcaps for your Elantra vehicle are made of many types of materials to cover your wheels and keep dust and debris away. Be sure to select the right material based on cost, aesthetics, fitment, and durability.

  • Some hubcaps for wheels are made of high-impact ABS plastic. This heavy-duty plastic is weather-resistant, impact-resistant, and resistant to hot temperatures. It can also be painted assorted colors.
  • Select shiny chrome caps that are factory or OEM designed. 
  • Wheelcovers made of stainless steel are another option. 

What Do You Need for Hubcap Installation?

Wheelcovers may require just a few other pieces to install them onto your vehicle. 

  • You may want to add a decorative center cap to your wheel cover. These usually have the Elantra logo on them and may be made of chrome, steel, or an alloy.
  • Choosing bolt-on wheel covers means you'll need the proper hardware to install them onto your wheels. You may also desire lug-nut covers that come in either black plastic options or in chrome designs. In cases where you have snap-on wheel covers, then you'll just need clips instead of screws to ensure proper fits. Some wheel covers require specific tools for the task, so double-check before you begin to verify that you have the right hardware for your specific auto parts.
  • You'll need to have the tools needed for proper rim replacement on your vehicle. This could mean a screwdriver, such as a Phillips screwdriver, or a Torx tool for specific types of wheelcovers.

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