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Buick LaCrosse Hubcaps

Hubcaps are steel caps that were originally used to protect a car's center bearings, also called the hub, from dust, dirt, grime, and moisture. On the other hand, wheel covers are larger in size, offering both protection and decoration to plain wheels of you sedan. As hubcaps started increasing in size, the names became interchangeable.

How do you choose the right size?

Generally, caps and covers are sized to match the tire size of your Buick LaCrosse. A wheel that takes a 14-inch tire will also take a 14-inch wheel cover and so forth. If you are in doubt, look for the tire specifications on the sidewall of the tire of your sedan, especially the two digits denoting size. A tire marked P195/75R15, for example, will take a 15-inch wheel cover and so on.

What is meant by the term "hubcap tool?"

The term has two possible meanings:

  • In the case of steel hubcaps, a tool refers to a rubber mallet that is used to properly seat the steel cap on your LaCrosse.
  • To prevent theft, decorative wheel covers sometimes come with a locking lug. These require a special tool, called a key, to remove the locked lugs.
How can you buy wheel covers with the Buick logo?

The Buick LaCrosse name and logo are trademarks and design copyrights owned by Buick. Usually, there are three ways to acquire caps and covers with the Buick markings for your luxury vehicle:

  • You can buy factory originals from a Buick dealership.
  • Search for second-hand Buick wheel covers recovered as salvage and often refurbished.
  • Consider finding an aftermarket manufacturer who has made special arrangements with Buick to use the Buick name and logo under contract.
What kind of plastic is used to make hubcaps?

Professional grade hubcaps are made from a high-tech high impact flexible plastic with special protective finishes for the beauty and durability of your vehicle.

How do you keep caps and covers from coming loose?

The easiest way is to make sure that all caps and covers of your Buick LaCrosse are evenly attached. Seat them firmly and evenly using nothing harder that the palm of your hand. Most caps and covers, especially plastic ones, can be damaged if pounded into place. The second way to limit damage is to stay clear of curbs. Impact damage from aggressive installation or bumping into curbs can contribute greatly to loss.

What are wheelskins?

Wheelskins are an easy way to beautify plain steel or alloy wheels without the elements needed to attach hubcaps. Unlike caps and covers, which are intended to be universal, each wheelskin is intended to fit only one size and style of wheel.