Tackle Your Printing Jobs With an HP 5000 Printer

The HP 5000 printer is a stationary model with an integrated form factor that can handle your large or small printing jobs. You can find dozens of listings for this printer on eBay. Exploring some of its main features and the technology it uses can help you choose the product that works for both your personal and professional needs.

Which print technology does the HP 5000 printer use?

You can choose an HP 5000 printer in one of two main printing technologies. Both types will provide you with crisp black-and-white or full-color documents. Each one will use different methods to put the ink on the page for you. These two main types are:

  • Inkjet - An inkjet printer uses an ink cartridge to spray ink directly onto the paper you want to print. It will usually spray this ink as a series of microscopic dots that form the letters or images you want.
  • Laser - The laser version of the printer uses a toner cartridge to produce words or images on the paper. Toner is a fine, powdery substance that can take an electrical charge and use it to adhere to the paper.
Can you purchase a pre-owned HP 5000 printer?

You can find several new and used HP 5000 printers on eBay. Brand new printers are available with their original packaging and instructions. A pre-owned HP 5000 printer may show some cosmetic wear and tear from general use, but it should function adequately for your printing needs. You may be able to find a used printer that has been restored to its original factory condition. A refurbished printer should look and perform like a new one even if you purchase it used from eBay, and it may be more affordable as well.

What type of printer is the HP 5000?

The HP 5000 printer may be available in two primary forms. Which kind you choose will depend on your needs. The ones you will find on eBay are:

  • Large format - A large-format printer is any design that can handle rolls between 18 and 100 inches in total. In most cases, a central computer or processor will control the operation of a large format printer, but that may not be the case in a general office setting.
  • Workgroup - If you want to put your HP 5000 in a corporate setting for office use, you might benefit from the workgroup option. Multiple users on different computers across the same network will have access to the printer and can send jobs to it as necessary.
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