Important Information to Know About the HP 4300 Printer

The HP 4300 printer is a LaserJet machine that provides crystal-clear print quality at speeds that are appropriate for even the busiest small business owners. In fact, your first professional-quality page will print within 9 seconds, with an overall print speed of 45 pages per minute. Shop for this model and other new and pre-owned HP printers and accessories at affordable prices on eBay.

What are the features of the HP 4300 printer?

This high-quality printer includes these features and benefits:

  • Capacity for up to 600 sheets of paper (500 in one tray and 100 in another tray) with the ability to expand capacity with additional accessories
  • The ability to print on sheets of diverse materials, sizes, and weights
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 350-MHz processor
  • 18,000-page capacity with each HP toner cartridge
What operating systems are compatible with the HP 4300 printer?

This printer can be installed on devices with a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. It is also supported by versions 8.6 to 9.xx and versions 10.1 and higher of the Apple Mac OS operating system. The CD-ROM that comes with the printer allows you to install the appropriate device drivers for your specific system.

How do you maintain your HP 4300 printer?

This machine is designed to print up to 200,000 sheets per month. After every 200,000 sheets, the printer's display screen will indicate that maintenance is required. You can do so with a printer maintenance kit from HP that includes a fuser, rollers, and installation instructions. Apply the maintenance kit by following the manufacturer's instructions. Then, reset the maintenance message by turning off your printer, holding down the Select button, and turning it back on again. Press the up arrow to select "New Maintenance Kit," and then hit Select. Taking this step to clear the message without installing the maintenance kit can shorten the life of your printer.

How do you set up and install your HP 4300 printer?

This printer has wireless capabilities, so you can pair it with any compatible device. When you receive your printer, remove all the packaging, and plug the adapter cord into the wall outlet. Install the print cartridges according to manufacturer's instructions. The printer will walk you through setup instructions, such as printing a test page. Next, install the driver software for the printer, and follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, select "Network (Ethernet/Wireless)." Your computer will then automatically connect to the printer.

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