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Hotel Room Essentials

Hotel Supplies

Whether you have a 100-room hotel, or a simple B&B, you need supplies to keep everything neat and tidy. Shop eBay for your hotel items from maid supplies to buffet supplies and more. 

Buffet Supplies and Restaurant Supplies

Some hotels have an on-site restaurant or bar. Sellers on eBay offer a variety of restaurant supplies from additional sternos and chafing dishes and pots, to plates and table linens. Be sure to select durable supplies that can withstand daily cleaning. Further, ever restaurant with commercial grade kitchen equipment needs a refrigerator large enough to store food and beverages for the guests. 

Bar Equipment and Bar Supplies

Many hotels offer a well-stocked bar. From stools to tables and even TV mounts, you need to have enough to fill your space while also meeting the requirements of the customer. Keep the beverages cool with trendy glasses and ice from ice machines. Each bar needs an edge, so jazz it up with art, candles, and a bar menu.  

Hotel Linens

Many hotel guests love to feel calm and serene while relaxing in the room. Hotel bed linens with high thread count are enviable and soft. Buy linen in bulk, in the same color and you're able to have a constant rotation to clean and to use. Be sure your laundry equipment can handle the multiple cycles daily and ensure it's maintained and running well.  

Maid Supplies

Assist your staff in their room cleaning duties with a variety of maid supplies. Consider a 4-wheeled cart with compartments for trash, toilet tissue, and additional soaps and shampoo. To help perfect the professional look, consider matching uniforms that are functional with pockets, but also easy to move in.  

Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Supplies

The janitorial supply closet needs to be stocked for a well-functioning hotel. Mops, buckets, and professional-grade cleaning solutions are necessary. However, additional light bulbs, tools, and other maintenance supplies are also part of a well-stocked supply closet.