Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Diecast Cars

Things to Know About Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Diecast Cars

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt is all about finding diecast cars that have a low production count. These special cars excite children and adult collectors alike. Anyone that loves Hot Wheels can find a rare treasure to show off by browsing the listings on eBay.

How do Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt cars differ?

Treasure Hunt cars are marked "Treasure Hunt" or "T-Hunt" on productions prior to 2012. Super Treasure Hunts from this period are marked using a dollar sign as opposed to an "s," making the packaging read "Trea$ure Hunt$" or "T-Hunt$." Those produced after 2012 just have the low production symbol on the car or package.

How to know that you found a Treasure Hunt car

As of 2012, all the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts are Super Secret Treasure Hunts. There is a low production symbol that looks like a small flame within a circle. It can be marked on the cars, packaging, or both. Sometimes the packages have a little blurb explaining the symbol. eBay Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts can take away the guessing. Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts eBay and Super Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels eBay are both widely available from releases dating back to the first series.

How many Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels are there to collect?

Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels were introduced in 1995 and have been released every year since. Several years' worth of this series have been released thus far and have comprised 12 to 15 cars each year. There have been different versions, greatly increasing the total number, such as the 30 total cars as part of the 2018 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts. Considering all the different incarnations of Treasure Hunt cars, there are 512 in total to collect as of 2019. At least five Super Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels have been confirmed for a 2020 release.

Treasure Hunt Vehicles other than cars

A majority of the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Vehicles are cars, classic cars at that. However, there has been some deviation from this norm that has offered variety in the Treasure Hunt Vehicles. Most of the non-car vehicles are motorcycles, but a go-kart, sled, scooter, and blimp have also been included in previous releases. Licensed vehicles such as a Batmobile and a Cruella de Vil inspired car have also appeared in the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series.

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