Your Buying Guide for Horse Trailers

Horse trailers can have greater functionality than just transporting your loving friend. Finding used horse trailers for sale on eBay can provide you with the opportunity to own an inexpensive high-quality trailer for your horses. Find out what you need to know about horse trailers before making your next purchase.

Finding the right trailer for your horses

There are two major types of trailers for horses. The type of vehicle you own will play a major role in determining the type of horse trailer you may decide to purchase. You can find a range of options for horse trailers of both types on eBay.

  • Ball mounts - These are used either through mounting to the frame of the vehicle or through the bumper. These are the less expensive option and provide a lower total weight that can be pulled, but they can still provide you with the ability to pull a trailer.
  • Fifth wheel coupling - This provides a more stable load and allows for towing a much larger trailer. These types of trailers can hold more horses.
What options do horse trailers have?

Horse trailers come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different sizes of horses and their needs. A stock horse trailer is the no-frills option, providing open vents and exposure to the elements while maintaining the horses' safety on the road. Other trailers provide more options to the driver and the horses for increased comfort. Regardless of the design of the trailer, stalls can be either rectangular or slanted. Rectangular stalls are narrower and accommodate smaller horses more easily, while slanted stalls are wider and can accommodate larger horses. Stalls are often divided with a head divider, which is a partitioning that is head height to keep each hose in its own compartment. You can choose from a wide array of pre-owned horse trailers on eBay that offer stalls and heights of different sizes.

Amenities for drivers of trailers for horses

Yes. Some inexpensive horse trailers come with a living area for the driver. This is typically the portion of the trailer that hangs over the bed of the truck on fifth wheel coupled trailers. This can provide an area as simple as a place to change all the way to a shower and cot for the longer hauls. Some trailers will have a built-in generator, providing electricity for the driver when stopped.

What are other important things to look out for in horse trailers for sale?

There are several other options to be aware of when looking for used horse trailers for sale by owner or bank owned horse trailers for sale.

  • Escape doors are in place as a safety mechanism for the driver. These are typically located at the front closest to the towing truck and allow a driver or caretaker an escape route in the event that a horse has become unpredictable.
  • Some trailers come with interior lighting. This is useful for the driver and the horses if your destination is reached at night.
  • Storage areas are useful to have for the horse in tow within a horse trailer. This can be an area where hay, water, and other items are stored for use en route or at the final destination.