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Know More About the Features of Hori Gamecube Controllers

The Gamecube controller features a classic design that has stood the test of time. First introduced alongside Nintendo's Gamecube in September of 2001, this controller continues to be a favorite of players of the Super Smash Bros series of games. Hori manufactures many models of this style of controller to meet the demand for this item on a variety of game systems.

What is a Gamecube Controller?

These controllers are used to play video games on many game consoles. The original system featured four control ports allowing four players to play games simultaneously.

  • Grip: This item features comfortable grips in a handlebar design.
  • Layout: The layout allows for easy access to two multi-directional thumb sticks. The gray stick on the left is normally used for player movement. The yellow C stick on the right has different uses depending on the game. These sticks feature exceptional accuracy allowing for precise control. There is also a classic style D-pad (directional pad) located under the left thumb stick.
  • Buttons: The Gamecube controller features eight buttons in all. There are three shoulder buttons: pressure sensitive left and right buttons and a non-pressure sensitive Z button on the right shoulder. There are five additional buttons for immersive game play. The size and position of the prominent A button was created to alleviate stress from repeated button presses.
  • Vibration: This controller also vibrates to simulate actions that happen in the game. Events like falling or revving up an engine are accompanied by varying degrees of vibration to increase immersion.
What console is this controller compatible with?

This item works automatically with Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii systems. The proprietary plugs require adapters for use with other systems.

There are adapters available to make this unit work with the Nintendo Wii U that plug into that system's USB ports. Third party adapters make it possible to use these controllers with any number of systems. These controllers offer precise movement, durability, and comfort for any gaming experience.

What options are available for this product?

Hori offers a variety of customization options for these items. The item comes in a wide assortment of colored plastic shells. There are solid colors, camouflage, and translucent models. The translucent shells allow you to see how the item functions including the circuit board.

There are also versions of this item made by Hori that plug into the Nintendo Wiimote. These items were marketed as the "Classic Controller Pro" and are not compatible with the original Gamecube.

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