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Spend More Time in Front of the Telly with a Satellite Decoder

Regularly watching your soaps has become a tradition for most families. If you are not a fan and want more out of your box, a satellite decoder offers more content for your TV that suits your taste.

What types of satellite decoders are available?

eBay offers a lot of choices for a decoder box. A simple search on the online auction site can give you a long list with features that cater to your needs and models that offers a lot without leaving your pocket empty. Some satellite decoder boxes available and their features include:

  • Basic receivers: These decoder boxes comes with basic functionality of converting signals from the satellite into a format compatible with your TV.
  • DVR receivers: This is satellite decoder with the ability to record your favourite programs at a specified time. It also contains a USB port where you can plug your USB flash drive or an external disk.
  • Android-powered receivers: This type is a more advanced satellite decoder box. Aside from converting signals into a format known by your TV, it also works in the same way as your cell or tablet running Google's Android operating system.
What are the common features of a satellite decoder?

With plenty of satellite dish descramblers available on the market, getting the right one is a challenge. The easy way to find the perfect TV decoder is by doing some research about features of satellite decoders found in the market and by making a side-by-side comparison of what they all offer. As a guide, decoder boxes available share many features, including:

  • Multiple channels: These boxes should be capable of supporting a wide range of channels, including adult live channels.
  • Media playback: A decoder box is capable of playing media files in a range of audio, photo, and video formats
  • DVR capable: The box features capability to record shows and to store episodes on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.
What is a satellite decoder?

A satellite decoder enables any subscriber to enjoy a television with vivid picture and theatre-like sound programming without worrying about their location. A decoder box works by receiving signals sent out by the satellite TV provider. It is responsible for processing this signal. When the subscriber is using an analogue tube, the satellite decoder converts the digital signal from the satellite and turns it into analogue for the TV.