Home Décor Mirrors

Home Décor Mirrors

Mirrors are magical enhancers for your house. Put one into a tiny room to make the room larger, or place a row of them to make a drab little kitchen elegant. Whether they’re shaped like Batman’s bat signal or dressed in gilded frames, there is a mirror for everyone’s taste.

How do you hang a mirror?

The best way to hang a wall mirror is to find a stud or two and hang it there. You can do this by using a stud finder though with research or experience, you can find a stud by knocking on the walls or using a measuring tape. Heavy wall mirrors should be hung like pictures with clips, brackets, anchors, and screws. Small, light wall mirrors can be mounted with mastic. Some small wall mirrors come in sets that you can mount in any way you want.

Are there different types of mirrored glass?

Yes. Different types include:

  • Float: This is made by floating molten glass over molten metal.
  • Plate: Both surfaces have been ground and polished to the point where visual distortions are eliminated. Plate is always one quarter inch thick and is used on high-quality wall mirrors.
  • Sheet: Sheet is not polished like plate is, so there can be some distortion. It comes in several thicknesses, and some antique wall mirrors are made from it. Antique is also a term used to describe a decorative wall mirror whose silver has been treated to give it a smoky look.
Where can you put a mirror in the home?

This is the one piece of furniture that can go anywhere in the house. It can be part of the home’s architecture and take up an entire wall. A Hollywood style bathroom mirror with bulbs at the top and sides is just the thing for many bathrooms as is a wall mirror with a beautifully carved wooden frame. Some homeowners collect mirrors of all sizes to show them off. You can hang them on the wall beside the staircase or group them together on a wall that would otherwise be blank and uninspiring. You can take a frameless mirror and turn it into a tray to hold bric-a-brac or bottles of liquor. Other things that can be done are:

  • Increase the power of a lamp by placing it in front of a mirror.
  • Place a mirror on a wall facing a window with a beautiful view and double the view.
  • Put a full length mirror on a partition in a room. It will make the partition vanish and make the room seem more spacious.
  • Make beams and unattractive architectural details go away with a well-placed floor mirror or two.