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Take Control of the Temperature of Your Home With Thermostats

There's nothing like being cozy and warm indoors when it's cold outside during the holidays, and making sure you have a working and reliable thermostat is the easiest way to ensure everyone is snug while opening their gifts. Whether decking the halls or lighting the candles, you'll want to be in complete control of the temperature during your special occasions.

Keeping your home cool in the hot summer months and warm in the hard winter months can be a hassle. It can be easy to forget to turn the thermostat down or off when you leave home and a burden to turn the thermostat up and down when you're home and just trying to find that comfortable temperature. With the new age of technology, these problems can be solved with an upgrade to your thermostats at home.

Thermostat brands you can purchase on eBay

There are many brands that deliver new thermostat options for your in-home upgrade, and they also deliver different features and functions to suit your different needs. There are many new-age thermostat designs that feature digital thermostat displays, remotes, and wireless control settings like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that can be enabled. Though there are many big-name brands producing thermostats, you can also find nice thermostats at more budget-friendly prices for sale on eBay that can still fulfill all of your needs. Some of the more common brands that carry affordable thermostats with new or advanced features include:

  • Google or Google Nest
  • Honeywell
  • Emerson
  • Ecobee
  • Lennox

How high and how low can the thermostats go?

Using a new or preowned thermostat at the correct temperature can be crucial in hot and cold weather. To prevent getting sick, the house overheating, and pipes freezing, keeping the temperature stable is important. Though many thermostats are able to go lower, you should not set your thermostat lower than 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and most thermostats cannot run higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, though it usually is not necessary to push it that high. Setting it that high can make heating bills substantially more expensive than if it were lower.

  Can you control the thermostat on your phone?

With the rise of digital thermostats, many new thermostats will allow you to control the temperature in your rooms virtually with your phone, computer, or remote control. Many thermostats, like the Google Nest, have an app that you would access on your phone and control the temperature from there. This is helpful if you forget to turn the thermostat off or down when you leave home or if you have rooms that do not need to be heated or cooled and you want to turn the thermostat off. These phone-operated features can usually be controlled using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings, an upgrade from past thermostat options.