Home Audio Speaker Mounts and Stands

A proper home theater becomes complete with a set of high-quality speakers that create surround sound, and speaker stands to hold them. Setting up a home theater audio system requires time and care. You may even have to move the furniture to find the perfect spot for all the speaker system components. You could place them on the floor, on a rack, opt for speaker stands, or use wall mounts instead. The choice depends on the characteristics of your media room and your audio needs.

What are the Benefits of Optimal Speaker Placement?

High-resolution audio standards, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio, please audiophiles and require magnificent speaker systems. However, if your components and speakers are the best available, but not sitting in the right places, the magic does not happen. Optimal speaker placement provides you with:

  • Better sound experience: Poor positioning does not allow you to make most of the speakers. In the worst case, the surround sound and Hi-Fi might be lacking, and you would be better off with the stereo speakers of your TV.
  • Value for your money: Investing in a pair or even more high-end audio equipment is only worth it if you use them properly.

What is the Difference Between Audio Stands and Wall Mounts?

You could put small bookshelf speakers on a shelf or rack when using them with your computer, but home theater components need sturdy speaker stands or proper wall brackets or shelves. These two main types differ by their location and features. There are also audio racks that look like multi-tiered shelves, but you would not probably need those for your home surround system.

  • Audio stands: Speaker stands take up floor space, but they allow you to elevate home theater speakers as well. Set-up is easy, and stands often have adjustable height.
  • Wall mounts: Keep the floor free from clutter and tangles of AV cables and wires. However, you do need to install them on the wall. This could take some time and if you happen to move the furniture, reinstalling them is also necessary.

Which Option Should I Choose for Different Components?

You should opt for speaker stands or wall mounts depending on the type of speaker you need to install.

  • Center channel: You could put the center channel speaker inside a cabinet or on a shelf. It is crucial to place it at the ear level for an optimal experience.
  • Front channel: A larger pair of bookshelf speakers should be on an audio stand, while both speaker stands and mounts are suitable for smaller ones. Remember to keep them close to the ear level.
  • Surround speakers: They provide you with background and ambient sounds and should be higher than the ear level. Therefore, wall mounting is the better option for surround or satellite speakers. If you want to use a shelf or stand, choose the highest possible option. Look for adjustable options for simpler maintenance.