Hilti is a brand that provides a variety of power tools for different industrial projects, such as cordless drills, hammers, and angle grinders. These products are designed with various motorized hardware components that can simplify the process of hammering, drilling, cutting routines, or creating sculpted pieces from wood. Hilti also offers accessories, systems, and solutions for mobile industrial crews.

What are the Hilti product options?

Rotary hammer drills can be used for heavy-duty materials. This product can drive dense industrial components through cement and other tough slabs.

Many replacement pieces for different power tools by Hilti are also options. You'll find breaker points, chisels, and bits that fit various Hilti hardware.

If you need increased power, you could use the batteries that are designed for Hilti tools. These products can power electric hammers and drills.

Corded drills are built for jobs that are done in general industrial locations where buildings are found. The housing on a typical corded drill is thick and dense. Because the cords are long, the process of implementing various drilling procedures while using a corded product in a large space isn't intended to be challenging.

Cordless circular saws are designed with a sharp blade. The edge of the blade is intended to slice through wood and other dense industrial material.

Power screwdrivers by Hilti are designed for general maintenance and repair routines. These units have a motor that spins the main bit mechanism.

Impact drivers are engineered for industrial situations that involve tough slabs because the motor can shoot nails throughout dense material. Each impact driver has a trigger that can be used for tactical maintenance and repair routines.

Hilti also offers cordless rotary hammers and cordless combo kits

What are the Hilti material options?

Multiple plastic and rubber material options are used to construct different Hilti products. Many of the drills and other power tools are designed with a dense plastic housing that has air vents. Along the edge of the housing, you'll find a trigger component that's also made of plastic on most gadgets.

Products that aren't wireless will have a thick insulated cord. The rubber material on the cord can handle light impacts and cold temperatures.

What are the Hilti accessory options?

Most units that are designed for mobile routines are measured so that the housing will fit securely in a Hilti case. A cordless hammer drill case is designed to be spacious so you can store and transport a Hilti drill, a battery, and other industrial solutions.

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