Hiking Backpacks

Hiking backpacks are essential to any hiker, traveler, and lover of the outdoors. These packs are specifically designed to be lightweight while capable of carrying a lot of supplies. Hiking packs also provide protection from the elements to help keep your things nice and dry.

What kind of hiking backpack do you need?

This depends on a few variables.

  • Length of Hike: Shorter hikes only need a daypack. This is a small backpack designed to hold food, water, and a minimal amount of clothing, emergency items, first aid kits, and other supplies.
  • Comfort: This depends on the hiker's body shape and the design of the backpack. These packs come in either external or internal frames. External frames are typically more primitive, capable of storing the bare necessities. Internal frames often have features that change the shape of the pack to form to your back.
  • Climate: Many hiking backpacks have specific features for certain climates. Waterproof packs are great for rainy weather and trips that include crossing rivers, while breathable packs with built-in vents are ideal for warmer weather.
What should you look for in a hiking backpack?

A good hiking backpack provides the hiker with a comfortable fit while maintaining a lightweight, quality design. It's important to purchase a pack that fits your needs. The main requirements every hiker needs include:

  • Quality construction: For years hiking packs were constructed with canvas. These days nylon is the more popular option. Nylon is durable and much lighter than canvas. There are many different types of nylon, offering their own unique advantages.
  • Effective storage: Make sure there is plenty of room for all of your stuff. Many hikers prefer to have at least one insulated compartment for storing food and other temperature-sensitive materials.
  • Weatherproofing: - Making sure your pack can survive your surroundings is crucial. For instance, if you live in a wet area, canvas may not be a great choice.
  • Comfort: - There's nothing worse than getting five miles into a hike and discovering your new backpack is incredibly uncomfortable. Check straps for sufficient padding and see if it has the ability to adjust shapes and contours.
What way do you use a hiking backpack?

Generally speaking, a hiking backpack is used to hold your equipment. However, hiking backpacks need to be packed to achieve maximum capacity with minimal weight. This means bringing only what you need and choosing a well-designed backpack. Many packs offer water bladders and external straps to help keep your contents more accessible.