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Protect Your Floors With Gray Shag Area Rugs

Hardwood floors are the dream of many homeowners, but they can be slippery and susceptible to wear in high-traffic regions of your home like the living room. Style is all about the color gray, which is a great neutral color that can work with any accent color you love. When choosing a contemporary gray area rug for your home, consider a few factors as you look through the new, used, and preowned choices on eBay.

Where will the contemporary area rug be placed?

The room itself will be a huge factor in deciding which shag area rug you choose. Common locations for an area rug include:

  • Near doors: If the gray wool rug and the rug pad are to be placed near the door, then you have to worry about the type of tufted material. Choose a dense tufting in this case that is designed to stand up to high traffic. Don't forget the rug pad so that people don't slip as they first enter your home.
  • High-traffic areas: Dense tufting is also useful for frequently traveled areas such as hallways and main living spaces. A wool rug design with rug pad would be a better fit.
  • Low-traffic areas: Sparser tufting can be used for accent rugs in seldom-used sections of rooms and in occasionally used guest rooms.
How do you choose a rug based on room size?

When placing a wool rug, such as an ivory-and-gray pattern shag rug, it should be measured so that there is space left over along the smallest wall. If the room is 10 feet by 12 feet, the tufted-pattern area rug should be not wider than 8 feet. The rug can go the length of the long side of the room or have equal spacing on all four sides from the walls, depending on your preference. Area rugs can also be used to define spaces in rooms, like the TV watching area in a living/dining room with an open floor plan.

How do you choose rug sizes for conversation areas?

In the dining room, you'll want a wool area rug and rug pad that fits under the chairs. In the living room, the rug sizes will depend on the seating area you're trying to define with the patterned gray area rug. The rug and the rug pad should be just large enough to fit under the front of the furniture but not so large that all of the furniture fits on top of the rug.

Should rugs match when two are in the same room?

When defining two areas with shag, wool, or tufted gray area rugs, these floor coverings don't have to match at all. However, they should be close in color or material in order to coordinate. If you have a gray area rug and rug pad, you can use a silver or white in another part of the room. With a shaggy motif, you can choose ivory, gray, or silver.

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