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Hi8 Camcorders

Hi8 camcorders allow you to capture all different types of video, from a short film to a time lapse movie. These systems come from a wide range of brands, including Sony, JVC, Sharp, and Panasonic. These camcorders are available in a variety of different models.

What are some features available with these camcorders?

Although the features available with these video cameras varies depend on the exact model that you select, there are a range of features that you can expect no matter what model you choose. Almost all models are equipped with night vision functionality that allows you to capture video at any time of the day. Most systems include an LCD screen where you can tinker with the settings and view the playback of any movies and recordings that you capture. Some of these screens are equipped with touchscreen functionality that allows for seamless navigation. If resolution is a top priority for you, a selection of these Hi8 camcorders provide you with the ability to shoot video in 4K resolution, which is defined as ultra high-definition resolution. Built-in microphones are included in most models to ensure that you are able to capture both video and audio when making a film or recording an event.

Some of the protections available with these units include waterproofing and shock resistance, allowing you to use the device in any number of situations. A certain number of these systems also come with an optical zoom lens and a digital zoom feature, both of which provide you with the ability to magnify the image before or after you have shot the video.

Which colors do these camcorders come in?

When choosing one of these camcorders, you have a variety of color options that you can select from. The most common color option among these models is silver, although black is almost as prevalent. Some additional color options at your disposal include gold, blue, red, beige, and gray.

What does the Hi8 media format entail?

When a camcorder is listed as shooting and recording video in Hi8, this means that it captures everything in an 8-millimeter format. With this format, you need to use a specific type of cassette with the device, which is very small and typically fits into the side or bottom of the device. Most of the devices that are listed as Hi8 are both forward-compatible and backwards-compatible, providing you with the ability to shoot in the Video8, Hi8, or Digital8 format, the last of which can capture movies with both digital audio and digital video. Hi8 is unique, due to the fact that it captures both video and audio in analog but with the option to capture digital sound as well. Although everything you record is captured on a cassette, these videos can be readily transferred to your computer or a range of other devices, allowing you to edit the movie on your camcorder or another system.

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