Henri Matisse Art Prints

Henri Matisse was a painter and a sculptor who was one of the leading exponents of Fauvism. Fauvism is a school of art that's characterized by relatively simple forms and bold splashes of bright primary colors. You’ll find paintings and sculptures by Matisse displayed in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and museums in many other parts of the world.

How did Matisse's paintings use color?

Henri Matisse’s theories on color have had an influence on the practice of contemporary interior design throughout the United States and Europe. The artist's theories on color represented a departure from the color theories expounded by the impressionists, which relied chiefly upon palettes found in nature.

Henry Matisse believed that colors could be transformed by their relationship to one another. A patch of black, for example, might take on a warmer tone if it was placed next to a “cold” color like blue or a colder tone if it was placed next to a “warm” color like red. Interior designers can use these same principles inside a home, resulting in harmonious yet striking combinations of color.

Where should Matisse art prints be hung in a house?

Henri Matisse art prints have the potential to add appeal to practically every room in your house. Over the course of his career, the artist painted a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes and still lives to portraiture, domestic interiors, and female nudes.

  • Living rooms: Many of the artist's best-known works are paintings of interiors, many of which he enlivened with his own fanciful sense of color. Choose one of the accent notes in your living room decor that you'd like to bring out a bit more, and find a print that will emphasize that hue.
  • Bedrooms: Henri Matisse often composed works as series of canvases, in which he painted the same subject from subtly different angles while using the same color scheme. Reproductions of these series can be mounted and displayed along the wall over a bed or dresser.
  • Kitchens: The artist's bold use of vibrant hues like red, gold, and pink can help illuminate the darker corners of any cooking space.
Do Matisse art prints need to be framed?

Framing an art print is a matter of personal taste. Keep in mind, though, that paper is an inherently fragile medium; if you leave a paper art print unprotected, you can expect it to deteriorate over time. Framing your Henri Matisse art print under glass can help safeguard it against the effects of sunlight, shifts in temperature, and any environmental pollutants that may be floating in the air. You also have the option of matting your art print on various types of media that will help keep the edges of your print from curling.