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Nissan 350Z Headlights

Express your style and taste with just the right headlights for your Nissan 350Z. Choose between HID, halo, xenon, LED, or halogen as well as projector, reflector, sealed beam, or composite. Once you differentiate the features and benefits of Nissan headlights, you'll know which is right for you.

Do pre-built Nissan 350Z projector shutters increase visibility?

Built-in shutters refer to the housing within projector headlights. They help to "condense" the emitted light into a beam so that the illumination is frontal as opposed to hemispherical. Neither frontal nor hemispherical illumination is superior; they're simply different, and both have their own benefits.

Projector headlights contain bulbs standing in front of reflectors shaped like the letter "U" or an ellipsis. This shape of reflector focuses the light, reducing scatter. An upper and lower shutter in front of the bulb further concentrate the beam either down or up, rather like a projector.

Can you get a ballast-free Nissan 350Z HID headlight?

Yes, you can purchase just the housing for an HID headlight. And you can use your purchased headlight housing with any brand of HID bulb you like, providing you already have a ballast in your possession. You cannot install and use an HID headlight ballast-free. Recall that HID headlights create light when electricity arcs between dual electrodes, usually made of tungsten.

Ballasts provides the initial spark that eventually arcs between the electrodes. They also control the flow of electricity, preventing anti-electromagnetism or over-voltages that can shorten the bulb's lifespan.

Exactly what is Nissan 350Z LED COB halo?

This headlight, available for the Nissan 350Z, has a circular pattern of LED. Seen head-on, these headlights resemble an angel's corona or illuminated hoops. COB, meaning chips on board, is a type of LED. Chips on board are chip-sized LEDs that can be mounted onto other materials and shaped as needed. When grouped, COB LEDs look like a uniform, seamless light source. This differs from the segmented appearance of individual LED bulbs arrayed in a pattern.

What are the brands and types compatible with Nissan?

Your choices for brand types compatible with Nissan 350Z headlights include aftermarket branded, genuine OEM, and private label. The list of private labels is long and changes seasonally, but a few examples include the following:

  • Anzo, Autech, Autodayplus, Auto DN, Autofather, Autofeel, and Autozensation
  • Brock, Broview, Carpartsinnovate, CipaUSA, Depo Auto Parts, and Dotcomracing
  • Eagle Eye, Eaglemotor, ECCPP, Eiko, General Electric, GTinthebox, and Hella
  • WD Express, Wagner, TKOOFN, Sylvania, Standard Motor Products, and Putco
  • Prozone, Philips, Oracle Lighting, OPT 7 Lighting, Osram, MVPTuning, and ModifyStreet
Does Nissan bulb size determine brightness?

Like all headlight bulbs available on the market, Nissan headlight bulbs are nominal power bulbs. Generally, wattage and lumens determine brightness. The former indicates how much power the bulb requires, and the latter is a measurement of emitted light. Therefore, size isn't the most accurate indicator of bulb brightness. Always check the watts and the lumens to gauge brightness and color temperature to get an idea of the light's actual complexion.