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Headlights for Lexus ES330

Headlights for the Lexus ES 330 model offer both practicality and aesthetics. With a wide selection of headlights for Lexus ES330, you can find exactly what you need for your vehicle's specific year.

What types of headlights are there for the Lexus ES 330?

The two types of headlight technology most commonly found for the Lexus ES 330 are high-intensity discharge, or HID, bulbs and light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs. HID bulbs are similar to traditional incandescent bulbs in that both types of lights make use of glass housing. But instead of a filament, HID bulbs use a gas discharge to manifest a bright electrical arc between two tungsten electrodes. HID bulbs are rated to last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours.

LED bulbs are small and make use of compound semiconductor materials to cast a brilliant beam into the darkness. This lighting technology system barely uses any electricity, and each LED diode can last nearly 50,000 hours.

Should both headlights be changed at the same time?

If only one of your vehicle's headlight bulbs has burned out or only a single headlight lens has cracked, the desire to only want to replace the inoperable headlight is understandable. But did you know that conventional HID headlight bulbs can lose up to 20% of their luminosity over time? Not only will one side of your Lexus appear darker if only one headlight is replaced, but this difference may cause a distraction on the road. For these reasons, it’s recommended that both bulbs or both headlight assemblies be replaced at the same time.

How do you replace the headlight assemblies in an ES330?

When dealing with a cracked lens or upgrading to LED headlights, it’s necessary to replace the headlight assemblies in your Lexus. Since replacing these parts requires removing the bumper, this task may take over an hour to complete and requires basic shop tools. Follow these simple instructions to remove the old headlight assemblies and install some bright replacements.

  1. Turn off the engine and open the hood. Remove the three bolts from the top of the left and right headlight assemblies and store all six bolts safely for reuse.
  2. Remove the screws and clips holding in the fender liners on both sides and partially remove both fender liners. Remove the eight clips on the radiator air deflector to disconnect this part from the vehicle.
  3. Disconnect the front bumper cover by removing all nine screws, disengaging the clip and four connectors and disconnecting the hooks.
  4. With the bumper cover removed, unscrew the final bolt connecting each headlight assembly to the vehicle. Pull the headlight assemblies away from the car and unhook the electrical harnesses.
  5. Position the new assemblies into place and connect the electrical harnesses. Install the four bolts for each assembly as well as the bumper cover, radiator air deflector, and fender liners to complete the installation.