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International 4300 Headlights

Shine a clear path forward, and make your vehicle's position known to other drivers with bright and powerful headlights for your International 4300. With options available for many years of manufacture, finding the right headlights for your International truck is easy. Just look select the headlights that blend seamlessly with the International 4300’s iconic curves.

What types of headlights are available for the International 4300?

The two types of bulbs usually used in International 4300 headlights are high-intensity discharge, or HID, bulbs and light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

  • HID: International HID bulbs consist of two tungsten electrodes contained in a conventional glass housing. When a noble gas, usually xenon, is released into the housing and the electrodes are electrified, a brilliant electrical arc manifests inside the bulb. This lighting technology generally lasts the vehicle between 1,000 and 2,000 hours.
  • LED: LEDs do not contain a filament or any glass components. Instead, they consist of various semiconductor materials that carry electricity to produce a bright glow. International LEDs are incredibly energy efficient, take up very little space, and remain cool when in operation. Impressively, LEDs are rated to last a whopping 50,000 hours. That’s the equivalent of 5.7 years of nonstop use.
Should both International 4300 headlights be changed simultaneously?

When only one International headlight bulb or assembly is displaying issues, it can certainly be tempting to only address the apparent issue and to leave the other headlight alone. However, conventional HID bulbs lose up to 20% of their luminosity over time, and LED bulb replacements are usually much brighter than their HID equivalents. This disparity between illumination intensities can result in an uneven look and can lead to distraction on the road. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that both International headlight bulbs or assemblies be replaced at the same time.

How do you install new International 4300 headlight assemblies?

When upgrading your vehicle to LED lighting or when attending to a cracked or leaking lens, it’s often necessary to replace the headlight assemblies on your International 4300. Replacing these vital truck parts is simple and takes about an hour to complete. Follow these simple steps to remove the old International headlight assemblies and to get started with some ultra-bright replacements. Instructions may vary based on the truck's model year or on the year of manufacture.

  • Turn off the engine and open the International's hydraulic hood. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, and pick a side to start with.
  • Locate and remove the bolt toward the front of the International's headlight assembly. The assembly is connected to the truck with a pin at the back that is disengaged by gently wiggling the assembly out of its socket.
  • Pull the assembly a short distance away from the vehicle, and disconnect the electrical harness. Discard the old assembly.
  • Connect the electrical harness to the truck's new assembly, and insert it into the socket to engage the rear pin. Insert the forward bolt to secure the assembly in place.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite side, reconnect the negative battery terminal, and shut the truck's hood. Turn on the truck's engine to test the headlights.