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Ford Thunderbird Headlights

The V8 Ford Thunderbird, which had a lengthy production run between 1955 and 2005, has a front design that makes it one of the more iconic American-produced cars on the road. This convertible V8 Ford car is well-known for its unique headlight designs; variations have included models with bucket-mounted lenses, slim, and broad designs as well. Sometimes, with such a unique car, you need to find replacement headlights for the Thunderbird convertible, and it’s important to understand what your options are.

What are the Thunderbird headlight options?

When you’re looking to retrofit your vintage Ford Thunderbird convertible, you have several options for bulbs. These include:

  • HID bulbs
  • Xenon bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs
  • LED bulbs
Is it easy to replace the bulbs?

Fortunately, there are many contemporary bulbs that are specifically designed for this Ford vehicle. This means that you’ll be able to quickly replace the default incandescent bulbs that come with this car with these variations so that you can have a brighter style of lighting that will make it safe to drive in foggy or darker areas.

How can you remove headlight fogging?

Over time, many classic Thunderbird headlights may develop a thin or even thick layer of fogging that will reduce the overall light output. When this happens, there are a few methods that can help revitalize the glass or plastic outer layer so that your bulbs will shine through more easily. One of the easier methods involves the use of 1500- and 2000-grade sandpaper:

  • Tape up your headlights: This will prevent the sandpaper from doing damage to the paint of your vehicle.
  • Use the 2000-grit sandpaper: Wet the coarser of the two sandpapers and start to apply an even-pressured sanding to the Ford headlight. This will get rid of any yellowing or material buildup on the outer surface of your Ford Thunderbird.
  • Switch up to the finer grade: Once you’ve removed the majority of the clouding, switch to the finer-grade sandpaper in order to smooth out the surface.
  • Buff the headlights: Finally, you can use a buffer and buffing compound on the lights in order to make your Ford headlights look shiny again.
What is the benefit of aftermarket headlights?

While many people are inclined to purchase OEM car products from Ford specifically, there are some advantages to purchasing aftermarket products for the Thunderbird. One of the chief advantages for this is that aftermarket products can have design features that Ford didn’t intend for the Thunderbird, which means that your Thunderbird can have extra components that will set it apart from other cars on the road.