Everything You Need to Know About HDMI Wireless Transmitters

An HDMI wireless transmitter lets you send video and audio from a source to a television without any cables at all. This is particularly convenient with projector setups, and you can use them to overcome a lack of HDMI ports or even send content to two or more TVs. At eBay, you'll not only find new and preowned HDMI transmitters at affordable prices but also kits that include everything you need.

What is an HDMI wireless transmitter?

An HDMI transmitter uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or another radio signal type to transmit an HDMI signal. It takes the place of an HDMI cable in a home theater setup and usually requires pairing with a receiver to receive and pass the signal to the television, projector, or other device. Transmitters can achieve distances of up to 100 feet, and it's often possible to pair a single transmitter with multiple receivers.

What is a typical wireless HDMI configuration?

Note that while wireless HDMI is highly configurable, the setups are usually quite simple. A wireless HDMI transmitter will serve as the input for a source, which can be a set-top box, a media player, a video game console, and so forth. A wireless HDMI receiver serves as the output and will connect to a television, projector, monitor, and so on. A dedicated power source may be required, but many products support USB so that the source can power the transmitter. So, for a basic setup, you'll need an:

  • HDMI source
  • HDMI input
  • HDMI wireless transmitter
  • HDMI wireless receiver
Does wireless HDMI carry both HD video and audio?

Yes. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface is designed to deliver both video and audio. It also incorporates automatic audio syncing, and in terms of supporting the HDMI standard, nothing is changed here just because the approach is wireless instead of wired. While many wireless HDMI solutions do require some video compression, audio compression is generally not required. That means that multichannel digital audio is supported.

Is it possible to transmit 4K or even 8K?

Yes, and equipment that supports these higher resolutions is becoming more available as 4K and 8K televisions become more prevalent. Be mindful, however, that many products support the Wireless Home Digital Interface. WHDI operates on the 5 GHz frequency, which necessitates video compression and thus tends to be limited to 1080p. WirelessHD is a newer standard that operates at 60 GHz, which means that it can transmit uncompressed video and therefore support 4K and 8K.