Hasselblad Digital

Turn Your Film Camera Into a Digital Camera With Hasselblad Digital Backs

Finding a quality Hasselblad digital camera back is easy and cost-efficient when you shop on eBay. With a wide selection of new and used Hasselblad camera backs, you can easily find one that fits your needs.

What is a Hasselblad digital camera back?

The Hasselblad company was founded by Victor Hasselblad in 1841 to produce camera equipment. It has evolved to adapt to present-day photographic needs. The Hasselblad digital camera back is one of these extremely useful adaptations. It is a box-shaped pack that attaches to the back of a film camera where the film is normally inserted. It then allows you to take digital photos with your film camera.

What are the advantages to purchasing a Hasselblad digital back?

There are several advantages to purchasing a digital back for a film camera rather than purchasing an entirely new camera. With a digital back, you are able to continue using camera equipment with which you have become comfortable. These digital backs fit most medium-format and all large-format cameras with an adapter. This is a huge advantage if you own multiple film cameras. A few other advantages include:

  • Image noise - Keeps image noise at bay longer than fully digital cameras
  • Tethering - Capable of tethering to a laptop computer or tablet
  • Continued use - Can be used in older cameras that you previously deemed obsolete
Are these digital camera backs new?

You can find myriads of new and used digital camera backs as well as digital cameras on eBay. Many are in like-new condition with very little wear. Most were used only by professional photographers in a studio environment, so they havent been exposed to the elements. You can easily determine by reading descriptions and examining photographs the condition of the digital back you wish to purchase. With competitive prices and a large selection, you are sure to find a digital back to upgrade your film camera, digital camera, or extra lenses. A few different Hasselblad items you can find on eBay are:

  • Digital camera backs
  • Digital SLR cameras
  • Lenses
  • Adapters and accessories
What are some specifications of these digital backs?

Since there are many different models of the Hasselblad digital camera back and Hasselblad cameras, the specifications vary greatly between units. They all offer a way to take digital photos with varying megapixels. They all attach to the film compartment of regular cameras. They have rechargeable battery packs with a charger included. You can even find some antique cameras with the digital backs included.

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