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The Hasbro toy company has produced action figures for pop culture icons such as Marvel for decades. Their toys and figures offer detailed models of action figures like Spiderman and Ironman. Whether you're considering Hasbro action figures as a playful gift or for a collection, here is some information on Hasbro's series of toys.

What Hasbro items are available?

Hasbro manufactures toys and games for children, but they also produce collectible figures for various properties such as the Legends line of models from Marvel. It doesn't matter if you need action figures or board games or you are interested in collecting action figures, because Hasbro offers a wide range of toys.

  • Hasbro produces board games such as Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Connect Four. You can buy many of their games in the original format or opt for a specialized version of the same game, such as Monopoly Star Wars. These games feature models and cards crafted from the Star Wars series rather than classic Monopoly but follow the same basic structure and rules.
  • The company makes figures from several series, such as Marvel Legends action figures. You can purchase these figures in bulk packs that contain many characters. You can also choose to buy single action figures in different sizes.
  • You can find Star Wars figures from the collectible Black Series new in the box. You can collect these or display them, unopened. These action figures are just as detailed as those meant for play and often have accessories and full articulation.
  • If you're into vintage action figures, Hasbro offers several items from series such as Marvel, G.I. Joe, or their Transformers lineup. Kitchen and house play sets from the company's early era are also available for purchase.
How should you maintain your Hasbro action figures?

Whether you're buying toys and games for display purposes or as gifts to play with and enjoy, there are a few basic steps you can follow to help ensure that the figures remain in good physical condition for years to come.

  • The models can be affected by intense heat. Too much heat can cause them to lose their colors or may even warp their parts. For good results, you should store your action figure models in a room that maintains a comfortable, average temperature.
  • If your figures are not in their original packaging and you're storing them in containers instead, it's a good idea to choose sturdy plastic bins that can keep out any excess humidity.
  • You may also wish to place each figure in its own plastic bag prior to storage. This will provide a handy seal that will further protect your collectible action figures from any harmful elements such as dirt or debris.
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