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Feel the Magic With Harry Potter First Edition Antiquarian Collectible Books

The Harry Potter books are a children's fantasy series written by the bestselling author J.K. Rowling. The book series follows the adventures of Harry Potter during his time spent at Hogwarts School and his faceoffs against the dark wizard Voldemort. The Harry Potter first edition covers are available on eBay and are instantly recognizable by fans of the book series and viewed as collector's items.

Who published the Harry Potter first editions?

Different countries had different publishers for the Harry Potter series. In the UK, first editions were initially published by Bloomsbury Publishing company. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Harry Potter first editions were published by Scholastic Press.

Learn about the artwork on UK Harry Potter first edition covers

The Harry Potter UK first editions have a basic and streamlined picture on the cover and one main color. Each cover has an image from a scene in the book on the front of it. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, for example, had a shade of red as the main color for the cover. There is an image of Harry Potter standing on platform 9-3/4 waiting to board the Hogwarts Express on the front. The other books feature images of a flying car, Harry and Hermione riding a Hippogriff, Harry flying by a dragon, a phoenix on fire, Harry Potter and Dumbledore, and one image of Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione at Gringott's Bank.

What artwork is featured on American Harry Potter first edition covers?

The US Harry Potter first editions all feature Harry Potter on the cover with a scene, items, or characters around him that connect to the book. Each of the covers was drawn and designed by Mary Grandpre. The first book in the series has an image of Harry flying on a broom at Hogwarts castle. There is a unicorn running into a dark forest next to the castle and a three-headed dog sitting in an archway of the castle. The rest of the books have Harry catching a ride from a phoenix in the chamber of secrets, Harry riding a hippogriff, Harry and the Triwizard champions, Harry surrounded by candles in a dark chamber, Harry with Dumbledore, and Harry in the light of day at Hogwarts surrounded by fuzzy people.

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