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A Buying Guide to Harmony Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Vintage acoustic guitars are known for their rich sound quality because of the improved resonance of wood as it ages. The acoustic guitar is used in just about every musical genre. Harmony has made a variety of different models with various features for playability, look, and feel.

What are the different body types of Harmony guitars?

The vintage Harmony acoustic guitar is made in multiple different body styles. Each of them has different benefits when it comes to resonance, tone quality, and ergonomics. Different body styles are made with multiple kinds of wood. You can purchase a Harmony acoustic guitar made in the USA in the following body styles:

  • Dreadnought - A big body style designed for maximum volume and a rich, dark tone. The neck is connected to the body fairly high up at the 14th fret.
  • Jumbo - The largest acoustic guitar size, great for a boomy and bass sound. The Sovereign is an example of a vintage Harmony acoustic guitar that is a Jumbo model.
  • Parlor - This is a small Harmony acoustic guitar that travels well and is still big enough to provide volume and a quality tone.
  • Archtop - The Harmony Monterey guitar and the Harmony Hollywood guitar are both examples of this semiacoustic guitar commonly used by jazz and bluegrass musicians.
A vintage Harmony guitar can come in multiple wood types

Quality acoustic guitars are made with different types of wood, affecting both their look and sound. You can find a Harmony guitar in just about every wood an acoustic guitar is made from, including the following. Each wood type has its own characteristics.

  • Mahogany
  • Spruce
  • Birchwood
  • Rosewood
  • Maple
Are there any unique Harmony models?

On top of the Harmony guitars available, there are some other unique instruments on eBay made by Harmony. This includes a dobro, an instrument played horizontally with a slide that has a metal resonator in place of the soundhole on an acoustic. It produces a bright sound with a long sustain. You commonly see the dobro used in bluegrass and country music.

Are there electric acoustics available?

While Harmony did not make electric acoustics during the vintage years, you can find a Harmony acoustic guitar that has been modified with an acoustic pickup. This means the guitar can be played through an amplifier in live and recorded situations. Often, you will see these pickups added to Jumbo guitar models like the Harmony Sovereign.

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