Become an Anti-Hero with Harley Quinn Costumes

First introduced on the "Batman: The Animated Series" cartoon, Harley Quinn is now an anti-hero. She appeared in "Suicide Squad" and "Birds of Prey" on the big screen and multiple cartoon shows. Harley Quinn fancy dress and costumes let fans become her.

What comes with a Harley Quinn costume?

The pieces that come with the costume that is easily found on eBay depend on whether you get an adults’ or girls’ Harley Quinn costume. Most of the clothing features two or more colors to match the color of her costume. Some of the pieces that may come with that costume include:

  • Shorts
  • Jacket
  • Tights
  • Boot covers
What are some of the Harley Quinn looks?

A kids’ Harley Quinn costume will differ from one for adults. Most of those for kids mimic the character's look on the girls' animated show. Fancy dress outfits for adults use her look from the films. You can pick from different looks based on whether you prefer her look from the original cartoon or the version from “Suicide Squad.” Harley costumes can include a short skirt that you wear over tights or pants that have one red leg and one black leg. There are also costumes merely inspired by the character and those that mimic her look from the video games.

Can you buy individual pieces?

If you want to create a custom look inspired by the character, you can shop for individual pieces. There are jackets and T-shirts similar to those worn by the character on the big screen. You can even get the "daddy's shirt" that she wears in honour of the Joker. A little girl Harley Quinn costume comes complete with almost everything your little girl needs to emulate the character. Most Harley Quinn outfits for kids follow the “DC Superhero Girls” version of the character.

Some accessories that complete the look

Harley Quinn seldom appears on-screen without a few tricks and treats up her sleeve. She often has a lollipop either in her hand or in her mouth. A bat similar to the one she used in “Suicide Squad” is another option. For a Harley Quinn kids’ costume, you can opt for an inflatable baseball bat. It takes just a few seconds to inflate by mouth and includes words from the film across the sides. You might opt for a character wig, too. These wigs have blonde hairs and pigtails in red and blue.