Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay is a brand owned by Home Depot. They produce a wide array of ceiling fans and lighting accessories. Learning more about the brand will help you determine what's available.

What does the average ceiling fan include?

A modern Hampton Bay ceiling fan will include a variety of components. This will allow you to have a reliable fixture in any room of the home. The components will vary in style, too, allowing you to choose a design that will coordinate with a room.

  • Fan
  • Lighting
  • Remote control (allows you to turn on the light and control fan speed)
What size fans are available?

Hampton Bay produces fans for rooms of every size. The length of the blade will determine how much space it can cool. The longer the blade, the larger the room it should be used in. Each fan model will identify the size of the blade and the approximate room size it should be used in.

  • 42-inch
  • 48-inch
  • 52-inch
  • 68-inch
What types of lighting is offered by Hampton Bay?

Hampton Bay produces lighting for every room of the home. You can choose a style that is mounted to a ceiling fan, flush mount with the ceiling, or freestanding. Instructions are provided so that you can install the lighting on your own. There may be multiple bulbs on a light, too, providing a significant amount of light for a room.

  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps
  • Pendant
  • Recessed
  • Sconces
  • Track lights
  • Under-cabinet
  • Vanity lights
How are the lights changed?

Most of the Hampton Bay products, including ceiling fans and lights, use LED bulbs. The glass or plexiglass fixture is removed in order to access the bulb. The bulb is then unscrewed, removed, and a new bulb is screwed in its place. The fixture is then replaced. You should always follow the instructions provided in the owner's manual to replace the bulbs so that you don't damage the piece in the process.

What are some Hampton Bay fixture colors?

A Hampton Bay ceiling fan or light may come in an array of colors to ensure it fits with the decor you have within a room. It's also important to look at the colors of the various features. For example, a fan may have blades of one color and a lighting fixture in the center of a different color. One model may be available in several color options.

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Brushed nickel
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