Everything You Need to Know About Hammocks Before You Buy One

Nothing says relaxation after a long day like stretching out in a hammock. They provide supported yet comfortable resting platforms so you can kick back, relax, and recharge. Make sure you understand the facts about hammocks for sale before you buy one.

Choosing a type of hammock for sale

There are numerous types of hammocks for sale. You can choose from a folding or portable hammock, a swing version, or a delicate woven Mayan one.

  • Mayan Hammocks offer graceful and delicate weaving of fibers to produce a soft and comfortable surface. They are generally light and flexible and should be taken down between uses.
  • A portable hammock will often have a special folding frame that you can set up and take down quickly. This eliminates the need for a separate stand or finding a suitable hanging location.
  • If you prefer to be more upright, a hammock swing is a great choice. These let you rest in a sitting or semi-reclined position while still offering the gentle sway of a traditional hammock.
What materials are hammocks made from?

Traditional hammocks are made from natural fiber rope, like cotton. You can also find models made from quilted material, polyester, and silk. Chair versions are sometimes made from wood or rattan, which is woven to form a base that is then padded for comfort.

When is it better to shop for a used hammock for sale?

There are times when it makes sense to look at a used hammock for sale. If you are looking for a cheap hammock, a used one may still have plenty of life left in it for your needs. Buying used is also a great way to get one with features you might not be able to afford in a new one. If you find a hammock on sale it may be better to shop new.

Understanding hanging systems

Make hanging your new hammock easy with stands and hanging systems designed for that purpose. Choose a hanging system that is designed to work with your hammock.

For example, a garden hammock from eBay can rest comfortably in a metal stand with wheels, while a lightweight camping version will work with a strap system that won’t harm trees. If you want to suspend one from an arbor or gazebo, look to eBay for hammock anchors that let you quickly hang your hammock and then pack it up to avoid damage.