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There are several different models of HP laptops, so whether you're looking for a particular size that's easy to carry, or an HP laptop meant for gaming, you'll have access to several options from HP. Here you can explore the gamut of old and new HP equipment and systems and learn more about the company's products.

What are the advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer?

Laptop computers are alternatives to desktops when casually computing, completing office work, browsing the internet, or composing emails. Because laptops are battery powered, they can be used in a variety of places and have larger screens than mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They can also run similar systems. This makes them ideal for traveling when you need to use office software or want to play games on a larger screen than a tablet.

What difference does the screen size make with laptops?

Screen dimensions are a basic way to gauge the size and weight of a laptop. If you expect to be carrying a laptop from place to place most of the day, a smaller 10-13-inch laptop will be easier to take everywhere you go. Laptops with screens that are 14-16 inches are medium-sized. They're still small enough to carry around from place to place, but a bit heavier. The larger screen can make using office software easier. There are larger models with screens of 17-inches or more. They can double as casual desktop computers that can be moved from room to room.

How much RAM does a laptop need?

The minimum amount of RAM that you will need in a laptop depends on the operating system that it will run and the types of software you want to use. A Windows 7 laptop used for casual computing should work well with 6GB of RAM, but if you'll be running Windows 10, 8GB of RAM is the minimum. Adding more RAM will make it faster when running memory intensive software like video processors and 3D games.

What type of laptop is used for gaming?

There are laptops specifically made for gaming. Traditionally, laptops have been inferior to desktops for gaming because they lacked a dedicated video card needed to play 3D graphics intensive games smoothly. Desktops, on the other hand, are capable of using more than one graphics card. However, laptops with better graphics capabilities can play most games acceptably.

What's the difference between a laptop and a netbook?

Netbooks are mini-laptops that lack a DVD drive. Today Chromebooks are the most common type of netbook on the market, but for a time they were more popular as an alternative to a laptop for those who only needed to browse the internet and stay connected to friends. Most have less computing power than laptops.

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