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HP Laptops and Netbooks

With HP laptops and netbooks, you can emphasize portability or choose a laptop that rivals powerful desktop computers. You will be able to enjoy games with 3D graphics or process demanding presentations.

What are HP laptops and netbooks?

The laptops and laptop-like devices designed and manufactured by HP are intended for many purposes. Portability is usually a point of emphasis. These are devices that are mobile enough to take to work, aboard a plane, to school, or on vacation. Laptops can also compete with desktop computers in terms of raw power, and many users opt for a system that serves them both at home and on the go. The options that HP offers users in this segment include laptops, netbooks, and laptop-tablet hybrids.

What is the difference between a laptop and netbook?

Laptop computers can vary greatly. In designing them, there’s always a balancing act for HP between a machine’s capabilities and its weight and physical footprint. With netbooks, the focus is clear: portability, internet access, and word processing. Netbook screens are generally smaller, too, because it isn’t expected to be your primary system.

What is the difference between a netbook and Chromebook?

The term "netbook" generally implies use of a Windows operating system, such as Windows 10 Home. A Chromebook is a netbook that uses Google’s web-based OS instead. Whether this is a suitable alternative for you depends on how you plan to use your device.

What are the Ultrabook and ProBook?

Ultrabook is a specification from Intel for a business computer that’s lightweight but also high-end. The goal of the specification is to get as close as possible to a netbook while still having a fast Intel processor with multiple cores. With the ProBook, the focus is on business laptops that are powerful and take full advantage of Windows 10.

How do you choose a laptop or netbook from HP?

Start with portability and work from there to determine your needs. You can then choose a specific laptop computer from HP that meets those requirements.

  • Size: Determine the weight and physical footprint you'll need. HP has laptops and netbooks in a variety of sizes including 14 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17 inches.
  • Display: Select the proper display size allowed by that form factor.
  • Internal components: Pick a processor, memory arrangement, and hard drive within your budget. You can choose from 2 to more than 16GB of memory.
  • Graphics: Opt for a dedicated graphics processor if you’ll play 3D games.
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