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HP EliteBook Laptop Batteries Buying Guide

A laptop computer can help you complete any number of projects when you're on the go. A good battery makes it so that you can make the best use of your HP EliteBook. Before selecting batteries for this laptop or any notebook computer, there are some things you'll need to know.

How can you be sure you're getting the right battery?

Not every battery is going to fit every computer. To select the right battery for your HP EliteBook, have the following essential information on hand:

  • Know your computer model: Even though you probably know the brand and style of the computer you have, knowing the device's specific model is essential too. Locate your model number by referencing the stickers on your computer or going to settings and clicking on device information.
  • Find your battery style and model: Batteries vary from computer to computer. To find out which type of battery you have, steps to take include turning your computer off and unplugging it. Flip it over and remove the battery. Search for stickers that tell you what battery model you have.
How do you care for laptop batteries?

Using your battery the right way helps to increase both the viability of your laptop and its battery so it will work longer and more efficiently.

  • Utilize power-save settings: When you aren't using your computer but don't want to shut it off, turn on the power-save settings. These can be customized in your computer's settings and serve to improve battery efficiency significantly.
  • Avoid temperature damage: Don't let your computer or its battery get too hot or too cold. Extremely high and low temperatures can impact the lithium ions within a battery negatively.
  • Handle with care: Impact damage is not only bad for your battery but can cause dangerous battery leakage. When taking the laptop anywhere, a protective sleeve or bag can be used to help protect the device.
  • Don't overcharge or undercharge batteries: Letting your device remain plugged in for too long after your battery is fully charged is not advisable. This overstimulates the battery and can cause damage to it over time. The same goes for undercharging your computer. If you let your device go dead too often, the battery has to strain to power it back on. Instead of letting it deplete completely, shut your computer down when the power gets low.
What are OEM batteries?

OEM means original equipment manufacturer, and OEM devices and accessories are made by a brand, such as HP. OEM batteries are designed to the exact specifications mandated by a certain brand. HP OEM batteries come with the computer when it's new or are made by the brand to be used as replacement batteries.

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