Gun Storage

Gun Storage

Besides keeping them clean and stocked, you'll want to keep your guns in a secure location. Several options exist, based on how often and where you plan to use your firearms. Picking a good storage solution is essential for any gun enthusiast committed to keeping users safe and rust at bay.

What types of gun storage are available?

Whether you use your firearms often or not, you have choices for proper storage and protection of your firearms.

  • Bags, sleeves, and cases allow for easy transport while protecting your firearms from the elements. Bags and sleeves can also be used indoors to store your guns and help prevent rust.
  • Cabinets and safes might not be portable options, but they do make dependably secure gun storage containers. Cabinets and safes are easy to secure and can be placed in out-of-reach locations to prevent misuse of the firearms.
  • Gun racks organize your guns while providing a stable holding structure. Racks can also be locked to increase security of your firearms.
  • Locks that are difficult to break through are imperative for greater and more controllable security of your firearms.
How can a storage unit keep firearms in good condition?

The primary goal is to avoid excessive moisture on the guns. A good, sealed storage unit will protect firearms from the rust and cracking humidity can bring. It helps to include a dehumidifier or desiccant inside larger storage containers to keep firearms moisture-free. An additional preventative step is to cover your guns with silicone socks and sleeves to keep your guns clean, dry, and undamaged.

How do you know your gun is secure?

When your gun storage container doesn’t allow for easy access to the gun or guns within, they can generally be regarded as safe. The more protection you use, however, the better. Additional locks and codes, as well as sleeves or other devices, make it easier to control who does and does not have access to the firearms. Firearms inside the unit should have the safety mechanism on.

What humidity levels and temperatures are appropriate for storage?

The appropriate climate measurements are ostensibly the most average: Keep your storage unit at about 70° Fahrenheit and the humidity around 50%. This will ensure conditions around your guns are stable. Any extreme change in either can affect the quality and strength of both the firearms and the storage unit. Careful control of these measurements ensures your belongings stay in good condition.