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Guitar Amplifiers

Because there is no inherent right or wrong amp, the suitability of the end gadget will depend on your personal taste and the tuning of the ear. Quality guitar amplifiers are designed to precisely reproduce sound while maintaining a clean and accurate tone. You can find acoustic and electric guitar amplifiers from brands like Fender, Peavey, and Blackstar.

Where are some places to store your guitar amplifier?

When not in use, store your amplifier in a dry place that is well-ventilated and away from extreme temperatures. Exposure to moisture can damage your amplifier.

When sliding or rolling your amplifier into the boot of your transporting vehicle, ensure that the controls are not damaged. When transporting your combo amp or cabinet, make sure that the face is downward so that the controls are not put under stress. If you cannot transport these face down, it is better to place the combo on its side and not on the castors. If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to invest in a flight case for better protection.

How can you transport your amplifier without damaging it? 

After choosing your guitar, you will want a good amplifier to go with it. Depending on sound, technology, size, and configuration, here are four types of guitar amplifiers to choose from.

What types of guitar amplifiers are there?

  • Solid state amps: Designed for touring guitar players, these amps use a transistor for their preamp and power. These types of amps are sturdy and require very little maintenance and repairs. In terms of their output, they deliver a clean tone and quite a bit of distortion.
  • Tube amps: This type of guitar amp has a warm tone with an "organic" distortion to them. Tube amps have a loud sound per watt and have a switch enabling you to change from clean to distorted tones with ease. To prevent the deterioration over time it is recommended that you periodically change the tube.
  • Modelling/digital amps: This type of guitar amp uses digital technology to stimulate old-fashioned technology. They are able to emulate old amplifiers using software, and this feature enables them to combine several amps into one. Their programmable nature enables the user to switch digital effects such as the chorus, delay, and other features. Some models of these amps have a digital or analog output that goes directly to a recording or PA system through speaker simulation.
  • Hybrid amps: While these amps are actually a combination of solid state power and a tube, they are able to mimic all the above amplifier types and put them in one package. A hybrid guitar amp is able to recreate the tube tone through the use of a solid state circuitry and a tubing in the preamp.

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